Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today I'm featuring Robyn Porter's new book, Innok's Curse



Robyn wrote her first novel, Shadow of the Wolf, back in 2005, as a way to
escape from a chaotic world. Though she never expected her writing to go
anywhere, her first novel debuted through Wild Rose Press in 2007. Since
then she has continued to write what she is drawn to. Whether it is a
world where magic and shape-shifters exist or a place where vampires are
ready overthrow the world of humans, her imagination weaves those places
into stories. Currently she finds herself writing as much as she can. With
her first book to be re-released Oct 1st, she plans to have many more
novels out in the coming months. From her Darkness Unleashed series to her
Guardian's of Nature series, she will continue to bring forth new tales of
mystery, magic and mayhem.


A man cursed by a demon.
A woman who's memories are more than just her own.
An enemy sworn to destroy all their dreams.
A destiny that none of them expected.

Cursed to live by day as a dragon and by night as a man, Gabriel believes
he will forever be alone after the murder of his beloved Danielle. That
is, until the night he meets Alayia and everything changes.

Together, they must figure out the truth of the curse that Innok has
placed on Gabriel as well as those from his visions. Their quest will
bring them deep into the heart of the evil, but with her abilities and the
spirit of the dragon within, they might just unlock the truth of the past
and break the curse. If they can keep the demon from winning too fast.

Here's where you can buy Innok's Curse.

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