Monday, October 1, 2012

Review for a great romance.

Over the weekend I read Donna Fasano's latest release, Take Me, I'm Yours. Here's my review.

 Take Me, I'm Yours
A wonderfully woven story of love conquering all.

Lainey befriends a stranger on a beach after his grandchild is almost abducted.

When the stranger dies he bequeaths her generously for her heroism. Her new found wealth leads her to open a daycare centre allowing a lifelong dream to come true. But her wealth comes with stipulations. Enter the stranger's son, Derek, to whom Lainey is instantly attracted.

Throw into the mix Abbie, Derek's adorable young daughter and you think the story is heading for the happy ever after we all dream about. Not so, as things change dramatically when T.C., Derek's former lover and Abbie's mother, arrives on the scene.

Great characters involved in a roller-coaster ride filled with every conceivable emotion you can think of.

Loved it. 

You can purchase Take Me, I'm Yours from Amazon US 

and Amazon UK

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